Welcome to Lankhmar

Danger lurks in every dark alley of the City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokes. Can your merry band of misfits survive sinister sorcerers, treacherous rogues, mysterious assassins, and—most questionably—each other in your pursuit of money, happiness, and power?

Will your group of wayward adventurers, who have been thrown together through a chance encounter, be able to navigate all of the political machinations of cutthroat politicians? Is peace possible with a collage of Thieves’ Guilds that dominate that cities of Nehwon where the only thing that matters is coinage and control?

There have been rumors on the wind that something more sinister has come to the land of Nehwon. These have been hushed whispers from the mouths of those normally less reserved. Why is fear so pervasive throughout the land of Nehwon and does your party of misfits have what it takes to uncover the evil plots and grandiose plans to uproot the very fabric of Nehwon society?

DCC - Lankhmar

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